Swedish designed cardholder & miniwallet – made in Stockholm

Sustainable marketing giveaways is one responsible way to promote your business or organization. The design of our products is not only about color or trends, its about thoughtfully considering the future, the user, the social context and impact an object has on the surrounding environment.


myCardHolder – swedish design for greener actions

On the go, snap decisions on purchases & plans - we stand there, mobile in hand, searching our pockets for a credit card, money, travel card... myCardHolder not only makes it easy to keep your cards within reach, it also comes with a green action. Material produced in EU, product manufacturing and design in Stockholm, Sweden.


myMiniWallet – swedish design for greener actions

myMiniWallet is handfolded from one piece of Tyvek® using Japanes origami techniques. Tyvek® is an amazingly strong, watertight material with a cool feel. Size when closed: 92 x 6 x 7 mm, length when open: 190 mm. Recycle as plastic.

miniwalet bedford design 4R

Facts about the miniWallet & cardHolder

UV-printed and handfolded from one piece of Tyvek® using Japanes origami techniques. The material Tyvek® by Dupont is made up of thousands of plastic fibres, spun in an irregular pattern to produce an amazingly strong, watertight material with a cool feel. It's non-toxic, high-density 100% polyethylene fibers, chemically inert and contains no binders. Recycle as plastic. Product design and manufacturing by GreenB in Stockholm, Sweden.


4R-future – our sustainability model

It’s not always new and innovative products we need. Each and every one of us can have an input by showing more interest and consideration of our enviroment. By applying the fundamental rules of our 4R’s, we will support and develop campaigns and strategies to encourage considerate consumption.

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